The BMW 4 Series is a two-door coupé manufactured by the German automaker BMW. First official details of the 4 Concept 4 Series were released to the public by an official press release on 5 December 2012, detailing the intention to replace the current 3 Series coupé with a new 4 series line to further differentiate the more sporty coupé. Numerous rumors indicate that the coupe will be supplemented by a convertible, probably in early 2014.

The 4 Series Coupe will share all technical features with F30 3 Series. The interior will be almost the same as in the 3 Series except the 2+2 seating configuration, and the exterior will also share the overall styling of the 3 Series. Its wheelbase is 110.6 inches, two inches longer than 3 Series coupe. BMW has increased the front track by 1.8 inches, for 60.8 inches, and 3.1 inches to the rear, for 62.7. Its overall width is 71.9 inches, 1.7 inches wider than the 3 Coupe, and 0.6 inches lower, at 53.6. Overall length is 182.7 inches. The BMW 4 Series has made its debut in Detroit, United States at the North American International Auto Show in January 2013.



Front view of the car,Coupé(SE)


Rear view of the car,Coupé(SE)

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